Home Decor


Home Decor ornaments and design solutions by North American Crystal. We are happy to demonstrate our marvelous and vibrant ornaments for every interior. Exclusive designer-grade pieces will bring an atmosphere of cheerful delight and glee to any room. Our assortment includes marvelous glass vases, that will happily hold your flowers or decorative branches, luxurious jewelry boxes to store your precious treasure, and many more. For our comfort, we have categorized our pieces into several sections, make sure to window shop for a while, we are more than confident that something will catch your eye.


You will be stunned by the beauty of our Flower and Fruit vases. They are truly majestic, works of art nonetheless. Any art glass from our collection will enrich your interior with its exclusivity and radiance. Make sure to check Jewelry boxes and Decorative objects for unique gift ideas and more outstanding pieces for your vision of splendid design.

With Promaster Gifts you will never have to worry about presents again. In fact, every occasion will become a pleasant motive to please your loved ones with the next eye-candy.