Crystalite Bohemia

Crystalite Bohemia is a well-known Czech company and world-renowned producer of high-quality crystal glass products. The company's manufacturing is located in the Moravian-Bohemian highlands in the town of Svetla nad Sazavou. Although the history of this brand begins in 1967, the glassmaking tradition of the entire region is much more impressive because it dates back to the 16th century. At that time, small glass factories and glass workshops were established in the entire region, in which the glassmaking profession was perfected from generation to generation. The newly established glass factory was able to develop local traditions in the production of crystal glass products and hire highly qualified glass masters. Crystalite Bohemia melts its crystal according to modern and ecological technology. The production of glass containing lead (lead crystal glass) was abandoned in favor of crystal glass, which is a variant of the so-called Czech crystal. It is a glass with the same or even better properties than crystal glass, with a lead content of 24% (24% PbO). The variety used is called crystallite (crystallin). Among the products, two lines can be clearly distinguished - table glassware and gift sets. Table glassware, which consists predominantly of glasses (so-called stemware) is primarily such collections as Cleopatra, Laura, Klaudie, and Jessie. Gift sets usually include tastefully packaged decanters with glasses or flutes. They come in an elegant gift box. The most famous glass collections under the Crystalite Bohemia brand are Quadro, Safari, Lovers, and Jessie.