Aurum is a leading Czech manufacturer of crystalware. The glass-making business of the company’s founder dates back to the summer of 1991. Being a well-known European brand, the company produces high-quality crystal glassware, which is hand-blown and hand-cut. All items manufactured at Aurum Crystal facilities belong to the category of luxurious cut crystal pieces bearing the Aurum Crystal of Bohemia brand. The brand follows traditional manufacturing techniques pioneered by Czech glass masters many years ago. While producing crystal products, the company puts great emphasis on the ecological approach to production. Besides, all crystal vases, wine glasses, champagne flutes, decanters, plates and platters manufactured by Aurum feature a unique cut design with an elegant vintage touch. Aurum Crystal lays a strong emphasis on the materials and guarantees the best quality for customers. The company also offers a wide selection of pressed cristalin collections. Any item crafted by this brand will become an amazing addition to your drinkware or dinnerware.