Santex is a modern metalworking enterprise that produces consumer goods and enamel dinnerware. The production activity of the company began in 2002. Since then the company is dedicated to manufacturing only high-quality cookware designed for both home and commercial use. Enamel pots by Santex are the best option on the market of enamel dinnerware. The structure of their enamel coating is glass-ceramic. Such a coating protects and strengthens the surface of the dishes, it is smooth, hard, resistant to scratches and abrasion, resistant to aggressive agents, to the action of light and irradiation; it has absolute resistance to cold, and in certain cases is resistant to high temperatures. The enamel coating does not enter into any chemical reaction with products. It does not absorb odors and microbes do not multiply on its surface. These properties make it possible not only to cook food in enamelware, but also to store it for a long time.