Bohemia Crystal

Bohemia Crystal is a brand with a worldwide reputation synonymous with elegance, beauty, and perfection of workmanship. For centuries, their unique crystalware products have delighted us with the highest quality of glassblowing and glass cutting craftsmanship. Over time, the very name "Bohemia" has become synonymous with first-class stylish wine glasses, tumblers, crystal sets with decanters (for both whiskey and liqueurs), elegant vases, plates, and candlestick holders. Geographically and historically, Bohemia is a term that stands for the Czech lands. It comes from Latin and entered into use in the early Middle Ages. In the 17th century, when a qualified glass industry developed in these areas, the term "Bohemia" was used to describe the high-quality crystal glass products crafted here. Initially, the production was carried out by small factories, which with time gave way to large manufacturing. The real boom in the popularity of Czech glass occurred in the 19th century. Today, "Bohemia" is a group of independent glass factories with an impressive history and world reputation, where beautiful products are made, capable of enchanting literally everyone.