Carmani is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality products for home decoration and interior design, as well as gifts and souvenirs. Their full commercial offer includes about 5,000 items made of ceramics, porcelain, bone china, glass, and plastic. Carmani's offer is complemented by well-known and appreciated collections of porcelain mugs, cups, plates, and figurines that decorate thousands of shelves and glass cases in homes on all continents. Designed for aesthetes and art connoisseurs who are looking for attractive, original decor solutions, Carmani products combine decorative and functional features as well as elegance with a timeless style, thanks to which they perfectly fit into modern and traditional spaces, satisfying even the most demanding tastes. Carmani is focused on unquestionable quality, therefore the company doesn't use any harmful or cheap materials of unknown chemical composition in their manufacturing processes. Each item is crafted exclusively from safe and reliable materials of top quality.