Neman Crystal

Neman Crystal is a company with centuries-old traditions of glassmaking. In 1883 on the banks of the river Neman Julius Stolle and William Krajewski organized a glass production that was meant to become legendary. Currently, the brand creates more than nine thousand types of glassware, souvenirs, and decorative centerpieces. Hundreds of exhibitions, numerous awards, and prizes, millions of vases, decanters, vases, glasses, and other table-setting glassware, as well as lead crystal items, are the result of factory designers' daily work. Neman offers products ranging from elegant drinkware sets suitable for wedding celebrations and special occasions to exquisite flower vases and platters that can be used for family dinners or as a standalone centerpiece. Annealing of glass products is carried out on energy-saving furnaces manufactured by Antonini (Italy). Combining quality and classic designs, any glassware or crystalware produced by Neman Crystal will become a great addition to your tableware collection or a nice add-on to your bar. The assortment of the brand today is represented by thousands of products for serving the home table, cafés, restaurants, interiors of houses and offices. The items offered by Neman Crystal are diverse in purpose, shape, color, and decorated with all kinds of paints, powders, gilding, and cutting patterns.