Lead Free Whiskey Glasses

Lead Free Whiskey Glasses

Lead-Free Whiskey Glasses

Opting for lead-free crystal whiskey glasses is a wise choice for a sophisticated and secure way to savor your whiskey. Our glasses are crafted with top-notch lead-free crystal, just like our decanters, ensuring a flawless experience while relishing the aroma and hue of your preferred whiskey. Besides, they are an excellent option for tastings as well!

Crystal Decanters Without Lead

Because of their safety and beauty, lead-free decanters have grown in popularity. North American Crystal provides a variety of gorgeous and safe lead-free crystal decanters. Our decanters are made of top-notch crystal that is free of lead. It's safe to use and won't affect the taste of your drink.

Whiskey Glasses Made of Lead-Free Crystal

Lead-free crystal whiskey glasses are ideal for individuals who wish to drink their whiskey safely and elegantly. Our lead-free crystal whiskey glasses are constructed of the same high-quality lead-free crystal we use in our decanters. They're ideal for tasting and appreciating your favorite whiskey's color and fragrance.

Why Should You Use Lead-Free Crystal?

Choose lead-free crystal if you care about your health and the health of your guests. In contrast to conventional crystal, lead-free crystal is a safer and healthier solution since it contains no hazardous substances. You may relax and enjoy your beverages, knowing that you are making a beneficial decision by selecting lead-free crystal.

Aside from being safer, lead-free crystal whiskey decanter has several advantages over traditional crystal. It's more resistant to chipping and cracking since it's more durable. This item has a higher refractive index than similar products. Thus it reflects more sunlight and shines more brightly when exposed to daylight.

Choosing the Best Glasses

Choosing the right whiskey glass requires attention to a few details. For example, the perfume may be more appreciated with a tulip-shaped glass, while the color and texture can be better seen and enjoyed with a larger, curved glass. Lead-free whiskey decanters are available from North American Crystal in various sizes and forms.


Lead-free crystal decanters and glasses are a safe and practical option for enjoying your favorite drink. At North American Crystal, we provide a variety of fashionable and safe choices for anyone. Whether buying them for yourself or as a gift, our lead-free crystal decanters are perfect for any whiskey connoisseur.