White Cristal

White Cristal is today among the most active in the production of glass vases in Italy. The brand offers the art of centuries-old tradition that plays an important role in the Italian production of glassware and crystalware. Dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of its products, White Cristal demonstrates highly skilled craftsmanship in the production of elegant vases for every taste and budget. Silica sand, soda, potassium, and lead oxide, together with other substances are rendered at a temperature of 1400 degrees, giving life to the wonderful material: glass. This glowing material comes to White Cristal's craftsmen, the glass is then blown and modeled by hands. Keeping the process of the traditional Italian craft alive, White Cristal manufacturing generates only unique pieces, created and shaped using simple iron tools. Each object possesses exceptional originality that characterizes "Made in Italy" notion. Vases, bowls, and centerpieces by White Cristal will grace your interior with a magnificent Mediterranean touch. Bold colors and styles won't leave you indifferent.