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Beautify Your House with Home Decor Items

At North American Crystal, we provide you with an exquisite range of unique home décor items. Refresh the look of your home with our versatile home décor items.

Surf through our extensive catalog to find timeless and classy décor pieces that transform your home interior.

Our majestic, eye-catching, and best-selling home décor items are:

  • Coco Glass Bowls
  • Crystal Red Fruit and Candy Bowls
  • Spider Glass Vases

What Makes Us Unique?

North American Crystal is a popular local retailer offering high-grade glassware and decorative crystal pieces that complement all interior designs. We have one-of-a-kind home décor items that truly depict your style and taste.

We pay close attention to the fine details of our products. Our extensive range of decorative items including glass home décor items and silver home décor items, reflect high-quality craftsmanship and revolutionary techniques.

Here, you can find:

  • Our crystal and vintage vases are incredible centerpieces
  • Our intricately designed candy vases are perfect for serving
  • Delicate flower vases to freshen the look of your room

What sets us apart:

  • Durable and Sustainable products
  • Intricate Designs
  • Beautiful Embellishments
  • Versatile creations to complement existing home interior

Enhance the Beauty and Aesthetics of Your House with Us

Well-designed home interiors elevate your mood, make you feel calm and relaxed, and boost your mental wellbeing.

We work day and night to ensure each piece is designed with precision and diligence. Our home décor items are perfect for wedding, birthday, and anniversary gifts.

If you want a unique and vintage home décor item, you can sift through our home décor items for quick and hassle-free shopping.

North American Crystal is located in NYC; however, we meet our customers where they need us. It means you can place your order from anywhere across the U.S.

Order your favorite home décor items online and get them delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days.

Why Choose North American Crystal

We pay close attention to our customer requirements. It means we not only sell fantastic home décor items but also offer practicality and usability. Customers choose us for:

  • High-quality items
  • An array of attention-grabbing options
  • Real-time customer service
  • Quick turnaround times

Reliable Online Shipping Services

We process your orders immediately so that it reaches you faster. Our reliable shipment services let you track the order throughout the delivery period. Whether you place a wholesale or retail order, you can count on our efficient team to deliver it to your doorstep within due time. Our shipping fees vary, depending on how big your order is.

Spruce Up Your Home with Our Home Décor Items

From elegant Chinese home décor items to fascinating crystal ones, we have an extensive collection of unique and eye-catching products.